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This is the initiative tracker app tool for role-playing games. Whether for Dungeons & Dragons (D&D 5e, 4e, 3.5e, 3e), Pathfinder, Aquelarre or any other game, this initiative tracker will help you manage combat quickly and intuitively.  This is a free application that you can also use on your Android mobile or iPhone through the browser. It has been designed so that in a few seconds you have the battle ready and can record the times of each player to keep track or to limit it.  This is the easiest way to track initiatives for D&D 5e. The best initiative tracker, free and in your hands!

How does this module work?

In this module all the characters involved in the combat will be listed in order. As the players make their activations, the Game Master must click on the active character (the one that is first and in yellow) so that it passes its turn to the next one. When all the characters have taken their turn, a new round will start, keeping the previous initiatives. A round is the sum of all the players' turns, while a turn is an activation of the character itself. When all the players have taken their turn, the game will go to round 2, when all the players take their turns again, the game will go to round 3, and so on. 

<span">In the configuration section we will have to choose which type of die governs the initiative. If we are, for example, in D20 system we will put a number 20 in this field (although it will come by default). If, on the other hand, our game system uses D10 or d100 we can change it in this box. Once we have set the initiative dice we can add the characters that will participate in the combat. PJ is for real players, Enemy for hostile NPCs (non-player characters) and Ally for allied NPCs. There are three ways to use this initiative tracker:

  • If you need the quick rolls, just add how many participants there are of the types mentioned above and press "Roll". It will automatically generate sorted names and position them in the list according to who goes first. This is very useful when the players are seated at a table and, clockwise from the Game Master's position, they will be Player 1, Player 2, Player 3, etc. When you press "Roll" these will appear in the list and it will be easy to know who goes first. The same goes for allies and enemies. In less than 5 seconds you will have the initiatives ready to play.
  • If you can spare a minute you can customize it to give them their names and cite which types of enemies have the initiative. So, for example, Enemy 1 can be Lyche, while Enemy 2 and Enemy 3 can be Skeleton Warrior. You can also add bonuses or penalties to the initiative that will influence the position that each one will occupy in the list.
  • Finally, if you already have the priorities set or in your game system they are already predefined, just put a 0 in the "Initiative dice" box. Then, for each character you add to the configuration, you will have to put a number in the "Bonus" section. The one with the most will appear first. For example, if Kevin goes first, then two enemies and after them Nerea and Alberto, you will have to give Kevin a "4" in Bonus, the two enemies a "3", Nerea a "2" and Alberto a "1". This way they will appear in the correct order.

Once you have pressed "Roll", if you add or remove a character from the configuration the order will be recalculated, with new initiatives. In addition, this Online Initiative Tracker has a timer that is activated next to each character's turn. This is very useful in moments of combat where time is restricted so that decisions are made under the pressure of the moment. 


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