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Module description

This is the random character generator. This module is used to create NPCs (Non-Player Characters) and add richness and life to the game world. These improvised characters will help the Game Master with content for mid-game or pre-game inspiration. The information provided is the basics, from their name, age, race and qualities to such important things as their current purpose and even the fate that lurks around the corner (predestination). This allows you to improvise a complete character at a glance whenever you want to be impartial to your players' surroundings. You don't have to use all the information generated. Feel free to take what you like best and even generate several characters and combine their physical and psychological qualities to give them more complexity. 

Random characters are people who inhabit the game world, they have their own tasks, their own worries, their own purposes and an end fixed by fate. Usually these characters are inhabitants of the area the players come across, and do not usually have a direct relation to the main plot of the story. They also have family, a home, valuable possessions, plots and secrets, but these aspects are deeper, and you can generate them in other modules. In the Random Character Generator you will find the basics, intended to be quick to use in the middle of the game.

Part of the database used for these news is the intellectual property of Ben (Orkish Blade). We thank him for his express permission for this project.  If you want to know all the credits of this post with the thanks for his authorisations and inspirational content click Here. We are grateful for the content offered for the Predestination by Karl Franz.

How does this module work?

Simply click on Generate and a complete improvised character will be offered. If no checkbox is selected under "Select gender", a male or female character will be randomly created. The parameters offered are as follows:

  • Name
  • Race of the character
  • Age of the character. As there are several races with indeterminate ages, this is a qualitative parameter, rather than a quantitative one, to give a quicker idea of the character in question.
  • Alignment. This refers to the character's ethical and moral perspective. 
  • The character's current profession
  • Attitude of the improvised character towards the players. Being Hostile does not mean that he/she attacks the players directly, but it does mean that he/she wishes them ill and, if it is in his/her power, will try to make things difficult for them.
  • Eye and hair colour of the improvised character.
  • Unique qualities of the character. These are both differential events that occur in his life and that distinguish him from the rest, as well as psychological qualities.
  • Physical traits and ways of acting that easily differentiate him or her. These are aspects that a player quickly notices when he sees him and draws attention to him.
  • Character's equipment. Does not necessarily have to be carried, they can be stored possessions. They are generic travellers' belongings.
  • Purpose of the character at the exact moment of the encounter with the players. This is the activity he/she is currently engaged in.
  • Predestination of the character. It is a prediction or omen of what the death of the character in question will be like. It doesn't have to die while being with the players, but it gives more depth to the character and the activity he/she is developing.


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