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Module description

This is the Alien Species Random Generator for Sci-Fi role-playing games. With our random generator, you can create and explore new alien species with full details about their moral ethics, policies, colonized planets, age of civilization, traits, leaders, forms of government, homeworld, origin, civics, edicts, ideals and armies. Experiment with different combinations and discover new life forms and cultures in the universe!

This module is not intended for any specific game, but rather as a generic tool to serve the Game Master to improvise and as a source of resources. It is intended to be used in role-playing games such as Traveller, Starfinder, Star Wars without Number, Ultramodern5, Eclipse Phase, Warhammer 40K Dark Heresy, Dune Adventures, Star Treck Adventures, Star Wars the Roleplaying Game, Alien RPG, StarGate, Terminator, Fallout and others. This module is inspired by the Paradox videogame Stellaris, making reference in format to the alien species of that videogame. 

Artificial intelligence has been used for the illustrations, both from the Dall-E as of PlayGround. Many of the images are created by open source tools accessible to anyone.  Part of the information in this module is inspired from Stellaris.

How does this module work?

Simply choose the type of alien species and press the "Generate" button.


Science Fiction



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