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Module description

This is the Vector Terrain Generator for fantasy role-playing games. This tool allows you to create all kinds of zones and locations randomly. It is based on a vector system where places are generated in one direction. This makes it more practical and faster, being a conceptual model that gives relevant information with key data for the development of the story or even improvisation in game. Cartographic maps have a root component, which this tool is also useful for, but in that case you will need a map with boxes to describe the area.

This model is based on intelligent algorithms, so the succession of terrains will come as a consequence of the previous terrain. Therefore, if players find themselves in a wasteland, they will never find a Forest next to it, since ecologically the succession favors ecosystems of grasslands, mountains or contiguous scrublands, and not a forest as such. Furthermore, these ecosystems are accompanied by "subtypes" which are the geographical niches and structures that define them. Ecosystems evolve, so forests will tend to mountain systems and grasslands to shrublands (for example). 

This module is closely linked to the Continents and Islands Map Generator, complementing it and adding narrative content to each of its zones.

How does this module work?

The first thing the Game Master must do is determine where the player characters are located. To do this, select "Initial Terrain". When the players decide on a direction, the Game Master will press "Generate" and tell them what terrain they have encountered. If the players go through this terrain, "Generate" will be pressed again and this will be the next one. If the players want to go back, they will return through the same pre-generated terrain. 

If the players decide to take an alternative route to reach a point they have already traveled, a new terrain can be generated and these will be secondary routes to reach that place, which is like taking a detour. The generated zones will have, as a general rule, 10 km of area, although if the Game Master wishes, they can have 100 km.

The roads determine how difficult or easy it is to travel through these terrains. This factor is very important for the Travel Simulator, being a fundamental parameter. In addition, the type of road has a direct relationship with the settlements in the area. The more comfortable the road is, the more settlements there will be in the terrain and the larger they will be.

Finally, each terrain has unique peculiarities. They can be events, singular populations or the presence of beasts, bandits or monsters. These events enhance immersion. It is important to know that players do not always have to encounter these events, since to access them there must be a simultaneous encounter between them, and if players go along the way, as a general rule, the dangers will be less.

Some tricks to use this terrain generator:

- Ecosystems are one thing and climate is quite another. Ecosystems change every 2-10 km approximately, while climatology changes every 1000 km. The climates are Arctic, Cold, Temperate, Tropical and Arid. Therefore, if we want to go from an arid to an arctic climate, players will have to travel 5,000 km.

- Create the terrains horizontally and if players want to explore and take alternative routes, create terrains that are shortcuts or longer until they reach their destinations.

- Keep in mind that in the Middle Ages urban centers were not as common as they are today. This means that players can be lucky and find several settlements at the same time where to rest and regain strength, or on the contrary, be 100 km in inhospitable and sparsely populated places. As a general rule, the distances between settlements are as follows for a highly populated area of a kingdom:  (you can multiply the distances between communities x3 for normal areas or x5 for inhospitable areas): 

Farmhouse Every 1 Kilometer
Small Village Every 3 Kilometers
Village Every 5 Kilometers
Small town Every 10 Kilometers
Town Every 50 Kilometers
City Every 100 Kilometers
Metropolis Every 500 Kilometers


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