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Module description

This is the Random Cave Generator for RPG games. In this module only maps will be created, so if you want to create descriptions, names and enemies that can be inside it click here. In role-playing games like D&D or Pathfinder it is very common to find caves, caves, caves, caves or mines that are an adventure for the players but also a danger. The possibility of a cave collapsing is always a possibility, especially if the characters are digging, using destruction magic or exerting pressure somewhere. There are other dangers such as bridges collapsing when crossed or enemies intentionally causing the collapse. 

Caves or caverns are natural cavities that players will find in rocky areas. They are created when erosion from underground streams, ice or lava creates a cavity in the rock. The most common caves are Karst caves. These are caused by the dissolution of limestone rock by slightly acidic water. There are several types of caves:

- Volcanic caves: They are formed at the same time as the surrounding rocks and are therefore very old. They are tube-shaped and are usually very elongated.

- Marine caves: These are caves that originate on the coasts where the waves wear away the rocks. They are usually small caves.

- Ice caves: They are produced under melting glaciers or by ice flows. 

- Karstic caves: These are the most common and occur when water seeps through the rock. They have stalactites and stalagmites, with deep chasms that reach several kilometres in height.

This tool is suitable for any roleplaying system, be it Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, GURPS, Aquelarre or any other medieval fantasy game. If you want to create cave names, descriptions, environments and enemies, you will have to go to other modules of this website dedicated to it. These plans are provided by Oleg Dolya, a creator of fantasy maps and we thank him for his contribution to the web and the roleplaying community.

How does this module work?

Simply click on "Generate" to display a complete map of the cave. The "Print" button will export the map to an A4 document that can be printed or saved. 

Below we show the "infinite tesseract cave" of the Aeons & Augauries which is one of the most interesting improvisation maps for cave geomorphs.  The entrance can be any of the openings, as well as the exit when the Game Master wants it.



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