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Module description

** To clear the data, simply change the number of Attacking miniatures or Attacks per miniature and click "Calculate". 

If you want to see the calculator for Warhammer Age of Sigmar click here. Here.

This is the Warhammer 40K Calculator for 10th Edition stats. It is based on the basic w40k 10th edition rulebook, with some features for specific armies.  With this tool you will be able to cast virtual die rolls according to the abilities of the units and predict their behavior in battle. 

All the procedure that has been followed is 100% faithful to the phases and steps of the rulebook. For example. Rolls can only be repeated once, devasting wounds (new version already updated) are assigned after normal wounds, no pain saves multiple damage after armor saves, etc. There are also most of the special abilities of the weapons to be able to go a step further and get more complete stats.

On the one hand you will have the Record of dead miniatures, which is the value obtained in each complete simulation. The more simulations we do by pressing "Calculate" the more data you will have and the more reliable the statistics will be. In statistics you will find both the deviations and averages of all the runs as well as a history of the last run made.

This content is not official Games Workshop content, but an approximation for players inspired by Warhammer 40K parameters. The game rules can be found here.

How does this module work?

Simply choose the attributes of the attacking/defending unit and click "Calculate". This will generate an isolated roll and give the result of the wounds. After clicking at least 3 times the statistics and probabilities of the roll will be given. Let's explain each of the parameters that you will be able to modify:

- Attacking miniatures in the unit: This number represents the amount of miniatures that are going to fight or shoot. It is important because their attacks are affected by special rules such as Blast or At Hazarous. The attacks on hit will be separated by miniature so you can track their hits in isolation.

- Attacks per miniature: Represents how many shots or attacks each miniature will make with the profile we have programmed. If a miniature has more than one weapon you will have to make separate statistics. Attacks per miniature are important when they are random. For example: A flamethrower with 1D6 attacks or a grenade launcher. Each miniature will have a different random attack value, since we roll a die for each miniature and not for the whole unit.

- Miniatures in the target unit: This number represents the maximum number of enemy miniatures that we can kill and how the wounds will be distributed as we assign the damage. These statistics will never give you more casualties than miniatures in the unit.

- Wounds in the target unit: Represents the maximum number of wounds that each enemy miniature will be able to resist before dying. It is important since mortal wounds are passed from one miniature to another, but normal wound damage is not and the surplus is lost.

- Hit: This parameter represents how well our unit shoots and is influenced by special enemy rules such as Stealth and also by weapon skills such as Heavy. It is important to know that in this 10th Edition the modifiers can never be higher than +1 or lower than -1. This is calculated automatically by the simulator. Basically all critical hits will be with natural sixes. This can be modified in the Skills section (Critical Hit 4+) for example. Changing the critical hit will affect skills like Lethal Hits or Sustained.

- Strength and Toughness: Used to know how much each hit will hurt. It is influenced by special rules just like impact. There are rules like Lance or -1 to wound that will change the final value. The methodology is the same as in the rules: if strength is higher than resistance, it will wound at 3+; if strength is lower it will wound at 5+; if it is the same it will wound at 4+. For cases where strength is twice the stamina it will be 2+ and in case it is the other way around, it will wound only at 6.

- Penetration factor: This value of the weapon will directly modify the normal saving throws of the target unit. If a weapon has no penetration factor the target unit will not benefit from the cover special rule.

- Damage: Each weapon can have a fixed or variable damage. In the case of variable damage each unsaved wound will have its own isolated roll. The damage on mortal wounds when you have devastating wounds is taken from here.

- Skills: A large number of skills have been programmed, the most popular being TWIN-LINKED, Anti [X], Sustained Strikes, Lethal Hits, Devastating Wounds or Re-Rolls. A maximum of up to 5 skills can be configured simultaneously and all of them will affect. For example: lethal hits and sustained hits will cause a 6 to automatically wound and a new additional hit is created.

- Defensive special rules: There are few but they are very usual to see in W40K 10th edition. The most recurrent is Cover and Stealth which affect hit and save rolls.

- Armor saves: This is the roll that represents how many wounds the target unit will save. Mortal wounds skip both this save and the special save. It is important to know that the Feel No Pain is rolled once the damage is determined, so it is separate.

- Special saves: This save is immutable and is not affected by any ability or penetration factor. 

- Feel No Pain and Feel No Pain against mortals: They are cast at the end of the wounds, once the damage has been calculated. These remaining damages (the ones that have been missed when saving) will be assigned to each miniature until it is killed. In normal wounds the remaining damage is lost.





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