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This is the Random Tavern Generator for Role Playing Games. In this module you can generate names for pubs, restaurants and taverns in your world. It also provides information about their owner, current customers, events and what food menus are on the menu depending on the area they are located in. To liven up the stay, several theme songs have been added for the Game Master to use in his games.

Taverns are places where food and drink are served as well as entertainment. They are also called tascas, cantinas, bodegones, mesones and inns. They are very important places, where peasants usually gathered after working days to drink mulled wine. These establishments were also frequented by travelers and foreign merchants passing through. Taverns are important in RPG games because they are the starting place for many quests, being here where contracts are obtained. After a great exploit, the adventurers need to have fun and to recharge their batteries, and it is in these establishments that they find their rest.

Part of the database used for these news is the intellectual property of Ben (Orkish Blade). We thank him for his express permission for this project.  If you want to know all the credits of this post with the thanks for his authorisations and inspirational content click Here.

How does this module work?

Just click on "Generate" to display all the information related to the tavern. If you prefer, you can select in "Tavern types" a specific location. This will only affect the menus offered, as it will depend on the resources available in that area. All the content offered is shown below:

  • Tavern Name: A random name is shown here that you can use to name the tavern, inn, cantina, pub, restaurant, tasca, or whatever is of most interest to the Game Master for the setting.

  • Tavern keeper: Whether he is a man or a woman, his name will appear next to his race. If you want to know more about the innkeeper you can use the improvised characters module to give him more depth (ignoring the Name, Trade and Race fields of the generator and selecting the rest).

  • Food menu: Here are shown the menus available at that moment depending on the zone. As this is a generic module, the price of the menu has not been put, as it will depend on each game system.

  • Customers: Two customers are shown with more depth and some others less relevant ( a priori) that are seated nearby. This information is for the Game Master to improvise and he does not have to tell the players the purposes or alignments.  For example: There are four people, one of them looks like a farmer because of his sickle, another one carries a backpack full of letters, so he is possibly a messenger. In the background there is a man and a woman. She carries a lute and seems to be composing a song. She wears simple clothes and behind her outfit a long bow is peeking out. The man has black hair and green eyes. He could be an architect or engineer, as he has plans for several monuments in the kingdom.

  • Events: These are special situations, entertainment performances, unique guests or optional character interactions with players.


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