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Module description

The Roleplaying Music and Ambiences module is a tool to improve the immersion in your role-playing games. It has hundreds of effects, immersive sounds and ambient online music to bring your role-playing sessions to life in an easy, intuitive and one-click way. Sounds are played instantly for moments of action, magic, monsters, locations and much more. This tool is suitable for any role-playing game such as Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Aquelarre or any other medieval fantasy role-playing game system. 

The best Game Masters recommend using music and ambient sounds to aurally stimulate players. This empowers the imagination by introducing one more sense into the equation. For example, if we are entering a tavern, the bustle in the background is one of the things that comes to mind, and reinforcing it with music will help considerably to recreate that setting. Playing rain in the background when it is raining or playing medieval dance music in the background when players are invited to a party are sure-fire ways to enhance the experience. This module is just a selection of non-copyrighted songs to improvise if you have not prepared anything beforehand. 

How does this module work?

In the expandable "Category" tab you will find many ambient themes that will be useful in your games. Once selected, various effects and environments will appear as well as a playlist. This playlist once activated will automatically go to the next one. The effects are short and descriptive sounds such as the striking of a sword or the casting of a spell. Along with them there are also ambiences, which are background sounds to enhance immersion such as bustle in a tavern, flames burning wood, falling rain or the hustle and bustle of a battle.


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