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Module description

This is the online random ship and pirate ship generator. Many adventures can lead role-players to find themselves in the middle of an ocean traveling for one of their adventures. What will they encounter along the way? What other ships can they encounter? What crew do they carry? This generator answers all these questions at the click of a button.

In the Middle Ages ships were one of the main forms of trade. Sea trade routes were actively guarded by countries to prevent raids by pirates and plunderers. But it was not only important for trade. In times of war ships provided supplies, armaments and transported units to where they were needed. Game masters will find in this module an inspirational tool for their games in which they need to bring the moment to life.

Part of the database used for this module is intellectual property of Ben (Orkish Blade). We thank him for his express authorization for this project. If you want to know all the credits of this post with the thanks for his authorizations and inspirational content click Here.

How does this module work?

Pressing the "Generate" button will display all the information of a vessel. Whether it is the ship on which the players are embarked or any other ship they come across on their route. It is possible to choose between "normal" or "pirate" ship types. If both boxes (or neither) are selected simultaneously, it will be chosen at random.

- Normal ships can range from warships to transport vessels with different goods. It will show how many crew are on board, what races they are, who the captain is and even what they are armed with.

- Pirate ships are more prepared for boarding and have, as a rule, bloodthirsty crews on board. 


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