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Module description

This is the generator module of arenas and gladiators for role playing games of all kinds. (Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, etc). From descriptions of the place to what kind of event is held and who will be the contenders vying for glory. In addition, this module incorporates a betting system that allows to resolve the combats in a narrative way, without having to roll combat dice. This helps players feel immersed in fast, entertaining and clean action, where the Game Master will only have to interpret the Simulator's resolution and narrate it.

Gladiatorial arenas began with the Munera Gladiatoria, which were events organized near the tomb of the deceased to make an offering. Later citizens could own slaves, train them or lease them to the famous Ludus to be trained as gladiators. Large cities, metropolises or even empires organize the most important and lavish events, where true passion is felt for the spectacle and is considered by many a sport, since not all fights are life and death.

This module is designed for any type of narrative role and the description of the combat will be in the hands of the Game Master. This simulator will only offer the final result of the combat in an impartial way, with detailed descriptions of the contenders that are going to fight. It is a very interesting source of inspiration for improvising fights or even for players to participate in such events. Part of the database used for these arenas is intellectual property of Ben (Orkish Blade). We thank him for his express authorization for this project. If you want to know all the credits of this post with the thanks for his authorizations and inspirational content click Here.

How does this module work?

This module has two buttons: "Generate" and "Simulate". The "Generate" button will automatically create a description of the venue where the games will be held, with descriptions of the spectators, rewards for the winners and other details. In addition, an event type will be generated. These events can be Standard or Special (you can choose one of them in the corresponding tab). Depending on the type of amphitheater, different opponents will be created and there will always be a Local Team vs Visiting Team.

To resolve a fight (once the opponents have been generated) you will be able to know its resolution by clicking on the "Simulate" button. In addition to the descriptions of the opponents, there is an indicator of how the bets are going, represented by two numbers. If a bet is, for example, at 5-1, it means that the spectators have a clear favorite and that is the home team. All bets are with him, so if you press the "Simulate" button there is a good chance that the result will be in accordance with this. On the contrary, if for example, the odds are at 1-50, it means that it is not going to be a fight but an execution and there is little real chance of victory for the home team.

A betting field has been implemented where the Game Master can indicate the amount bet by a player. This amount can be of any monetary system, since the profit obtained if the bet is won will be in the same currency. To bet it is enough for a player to decide which team he wants to bet on and how much. Once the "Simulate" button has been pressed, the results will be shown and, depending on who the player has bet on, he will either receive his prize or lose everything he has bet. There are no ties.


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