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Module description

This is the Random Castle Generator module for medieval fantasy role-playing games. These locations are very important in the game scenarios, as they are strong places, surrounded by walls, bastions, moats and other fortifications to resist enemy attacks. This module shows castles, but they can be perfectly used for analogous military buildings such as Alcazars, Watchtowers, Palaces, Towers, Forts, Citadels, etc. 

Castles in role-playing games are places where there are palace intrigues, important characters and even a place to start a new adventure. The lords of castles can have different interests depending also on their alignment. This module also randomly shows which rooms are inside the castle, as well as the characters that can be found inside it. 

Part of the database used for these castles is intellectual property of Ben (Orkish Blade). We thank him for his express authorization for this project. If you want to know all the credits of this post with the thanks for his authorizations and inspirational content click Here.

How does this module work?

To use this module you just have to choose which type of site you want to generate: Castles or Castle Dungeons, and click "Generate". After that, descriptions, events and encounters of castles or their dungeons will be displayed. The fields displayed are:

  • Names: Cite the name by which the location is known or the type of dungeon it has. Often the castle may be named after a famous person but is currently run by someone else.

  • Alignment: Shows the ethics and morals of the society that inhabits the castle or its leaders. It is a narrative reference that will show their attitude to the world around them. 

  • Description: Shows the description of the castle or prison, with important data about its history. It also reflects the number of soldiers it has and some rumors associated with it.

  • Rooms: This field is independent of the previous ones. Every time you click "Generate" a new room of a castle or dungeon will be shown with some curiosity. This field is very useful when a castle map is not available and the Game Master needs to improvise which areas a rogue thief enters, for example.

  • Inhabitants and Events: This field shows which characters players may encounter while in the castle, it also shows which prisoners are in the dungeons and those guarding it.


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