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Module description

The Random House Plan Generator is a very useful tool for Game Masters who need to visualise interiors for action or investigation scenes. There are many types of houses, but as a general rule they will be as big as the owner's money (his trade) or number of tenants. In the Medieval Age (which is where D&D role-playing games are set for example) houses were a great fire risk as fire was used to light the rooms, cook or heat the place. In addition, due to the humidity, the wood could rot and eventually collapse.

The humble population has only one dwelling and the whole family lives in it until the older children become independent. They consist of a "multi-purpose" room that serves as a dining room, kitchen, bedroom and storeroom. In the end they were all-purpose rooms. If they were craftsmen, the house was also a workshop, with all the products and tools for their trade. At the back of the house or the courtyards were usually the pens with the chickens, the vegetable garden or the well.

The houses of the wealthy population had nothing to do with this. These are much larger and have several floors. In the lower part are the service areas such as living rooms, kitchens and more social rooms, while in the upper part are the bedrooms and the most important service rooms. In the case of rural dwellings, the ground floor is usually where the stables are located, and the first floor is where the nobles live.

1 Square = 3x3 5-foot squares (1 foot = 0.3 meters // 5 feet = 1.5 meters)
1 Square = 15 feet (15 feet = 4.5 meters)

This tool is suitable for any role-playing system, be it Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, GURPS, Aquelarre or any other medieval fantasy game.  These plans are provided by Oleg Dolya, a creator of fantasy maps and we thank him for his contribution to the web and the roleplaying community.

How does this module work?

Simply click on "Generate" to display a complete multi-storey floor plan of the house. The "Print" button will export the map to an A4 document that can be printed or saved. 

The houses are divided into three types:

- Small houses: These are the most humble accommodations. They usually have only 1 floor and large multi-purpose rooms.
- Medium-sized houses: These are larger, multi-storey houses with individual rooms. They are lodgings for nobles, bourgeois or wealthy citizens.
- Large houses: Mansions, palaces or residential castles for people with a lot of power.


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