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In this module you will find an online role-playing dice calculator. This tool is used to be able to roll dice without the need to have them physically and at the same time to make simple operations saving time to the Game Master in his games. For example, if the Game Master wants to roll several dice in secret, he can find out the results by means of this tool in secret and very quickly. In addition, it is also useful to know the results of many rolls, for example when there are several enemies fighting against a character and many quick rolls are needed.

This D20 dice calculator also has D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D60 and D100 rolls. The internet dice calculator is ready to make quick calculations while displaying the results of each randomly rolled die. It is not a dice probability calculator, as that is a different tool.

How does this module work?

There are some mechanics you should be aware of that differ from a regular calculator. In addition to the numbers 0-9 there are also the dice buttons. These are D4 (equivalent to a four-sided die), D6 (six-sided die), D8 (eight-sided die), D10 (ten-sided die), D12 (twelve-sided die), D20 (twenty-sided die), D60 (sixty-sided die) and finally D100 (hundred-sided die). The basic mechanics of operation are shown below:

  • If you press a die type (D60 for example) and hit the equal button [ = ] you will get the result of the roll of that die (Example Die d60 = 55 | d60 = 55). The first sentence shows the result of the rolls referring to that die, while the second is the result of the formula entered, which in this case coincide because only one die has been rolled.

  • If you add a number in front of a die (e.g. 5D60) and press the equal button [ = ] a 60-sided die will be rolled 5 times and the results will be displayed. (Example Die d60 (5) = 41,27,13,12,9 5d60 = 102) The first sentence shows the results obtained by rolling 5 times that die, the second one shows the total result of the sum of these randomly rolled dice.

  • In front of each die there can be a number (that will be the number of times that die is rolled), but behind each die there can only be a mathematical operator of Addition (+), Subtraction (-), Multiplication (x) or division (/). After that you can add terms to operate on the random dice rolled (for example 6D6-3 will be Dice d6 (6) = 6,5,3,1,1,1,1 | 6d6 - 3 = 14, first the random dice will be calculated and then the formula with the result. Remember that 6D6 is to roll a six-sided die 6 times, display the results and add them up.

  • If we want to roll four dice simultaneously (for example three enemies in D20 system hit a character and each one rolls 2 dice) the way to write it in the dice calculator is: 6D20. On the other hand, if you want to roll them separately in three different rolls of two dice each, you could put 2D20 + 2D20 + 2D20. This way you can split the sources of each roll and know the results separately. This is especially useful when there are several enemies fighting against a character and you want to know which one of them has obtained a failure or critical, since if you roll all the dice at the same time you will not be able to know if the failure has been of only one or of several of the combatants (since it may be that the same enemy has rolled double 1, not affecting the rest).

  • The results of the dice rolls are ordered from highest to lowest, so you will be able to know exactly how many results exceed a threshold of impact, how many have made a failure or critical.

  • You can add up different dice rolls and even operate with them in more complex formulas, however, each result that exceeds 1000 rolls of the same die will be reduced to this amount. Example: Enter 2d6 + d20 + 2d12 * 2 - d100 / 2 and press equal. 

Dice d6 (2) = 5,3
Dice d20 = 19
Dice d12 (2) = 12,1
Dice d100 = 4
2d6 + d20 + 2d12 * 2 - d100 / 2 = 51

First the calculator will display the numbers obtained in each simultaneous random roll and then it will apply the formula and give the final result. 


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