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Module description

This is the Random Dungeon Plan and Map Generator for Role Playing Games. This tool is very useful for the Game Master to improvise caves, dungeons, crypts, temples, monasteries, labyrinths, shrine rooms, abbeys or tombs. It also serves as inspiration when designing a campaign in pre-game. Many times the players, in the middle of the game, decide to deviate slightly from the path, and this leads them to places that the Game Master had not prepared. With these plans you can improvise quickly with a single click, and you can expand the information with other modules from Rolegenerator.com.

Dungeons are the common name for all these creature havens or dreary places where an interesting quest or adventure takes place. They usually have cells, dungeons and prisons, although other times they are mines, caves or religious structures such as churches, temples, pyramids or tombs of ancient characters. Some have hidden treasures, enemies that inhabit them or stories with a lot of backstory that give a unique and memorable immersion for players.

This tool uniquely generates maps and blueprints for your role-playing games, be it Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, GURPS, Aquelarre or any other medieval fantasy game. If you want to create dungeon names, traps, environments and enemies you will have to go to other modules of this website dedicated to it. These plans are provided by Oleg Dolya, a fantasy map maker and we thank him for his contribution to the web and the role-playing community.

How does this module work?

Simply click on "Generate" to display a complete floor plan of the room. The "Print" button will export the plan to an A4 document that can be printed or saved. A brief legend with the symbology used in the drawings is shown below.


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