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Module description

This is the Random Settlement Generator module, from Villages, Villages and Towns to villages, cities and metropolis. In role-playing games it is very important that urban centers are well established, that they have their own rules, policies and cultures. Creating a settlement with a background will give more life to the fantasy world, making it more believable for the players. Urban centers in the Middle Ages are divided into a category that depends both on the population they have and the structures they have.

As a general rule, hamlets and small villages are humble communities that generate resources for self-sufficiency. Villages and small towns are places where population has concentrated thanks to favorable conditions. When these places prosper, powerful people interested in them emerge, improving the structures and even installing a bastion or fortress. These urban centers are known as Towns, and are the fundamental basis for growth. In these places they are the meeting place for neighboring villages and towns, where peasants come to sell their crops and livestock. 

When a village grows economically and socially, the rulers build walls to protect themselves from possible enemy attacks, as they are very attractive sites for looters. By enclosing the town with walls, the population is divided in two, since outside the walls are the slums. This is the beginning of cities. When power, influence, religion, culture and good commerce converge in a city, metropolis are created, which are the most important urban centers of the kingdom and where the most powerful people reside. Part of the database used for this module is intellectual property of Ben (Orkish Blade). We thank him for his express authorization for this project. If you want to know all the credits of this post with the thanks for his authorizations and inspirational content click on Here .

How does this module work?

Simply choose what type of settlement you want to display and click "Generate". Several reference contents will appear such as the name of the settlement, the type, its population, its morals and ethics (alignment) and the technological age to which it belongs together with the policy that governs the area. The political structure refers to the zone in which the urban nucleus is located, so the monarch does not necessarily have to be in that urban nucleus. (since he most likely resides in a metropolis or in his hometown).

The description and buildings make general reference to the settlement. Feel free to generate several times until you find one to your liking or even add them all up. The characteristics of the community are the most important rules and curiosities of its population. Of course the basic rules must also be respected, otherwise players may get into trouble with the law.


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