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This is the "Random Villain Generator" module. This tool is used to create enemies and evil characters for our stories and role-playing games. These villains are very important characters, being in the narratology an essential component for the plots. They are the incarnation of Evil or Chaos, being the antagonists of the heroes or protagonist player characters. As a rule they are unsympathetic characters, with special abilities that they use to harm or profit from the world around them. Sometimes they are dishonest and tend to break the law with their actions. 

An important point in developing a villain is his or her plan. All antagonists have a plan, which are usually told throughout the plot. They can be very elaborate or simple plans, there are even villains who do evil for fun, without really having a goal. With this random generator you will be able to create a villain character with unique characteristics and a preceding history. (biography). This module can be used to create villains and antagonists for any role-playing game such as: D&D 5e, Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, D&D 3.5, GURPS, Aquelarre, and any other game set in medieval fantasy.

Part of the database used for this module is the intellectual property of Ben (Orkish Blade). We appreciate their express authorization for this project. If you want to know all the credits of this post with the thanks for their authorizations and inspirational content click on HereVillain phrases are the intellectual property of Evil Overlord and his Legions of Terror roster. We gratefully acknowledge the content provided for Predestination by author Karl Franz and David Saul Graffam.

How does this module work?

Simply choose the type of villain you want to create (Warlock or Long/Distance Combatant), its power level and press "Generate". This power level will influence the events in his life, the higher the level, the more chances of victory he will have and the more difficult it will be for the characters to face him. Next we will explain the content of this module:

- Name and Title: The name will depend on the race, being sometimes accompanied by a title which is the "nickname" by which you are known. These titles can be used to inspire and give personality to the character, although it does not have to have a very elaborate background. This module includes the villain name generator.

- Race and Gender: These fields show whether you are a male, female and what race you belong to. Some races are of "Indeterminate" gender, since they are either hemaphroditic or have no defined sex.

- Class: The villain's class defines his preference for combat. He can be a magical being, so he prioritizes spell casting; a melee combatant, who prefers short distances; or a ranged combatant, who prefers to attack his enemies with projectiles.

- Minions: Minions are the minions, soldiers, subordinates and other characters who are directly under the orders of this villain. The higher their level, the more followers and followers they will have. These henchmen will take care of the simpler tasks, reserving the more complicated missions for the "special henchmen", who will appear in "Strengths and Weaknesses" as renowned henchmen, with more background and personality.

- Hierarchy: This parameter represents how far the villain has come in his life. Depending on the initial power level selected, the villain will be completing missions and gaining experience. The lowest levels are: Useless Henchman (many failures) and Henchman. Both represent villains who really have no power of their own and are under the orders of a superior being who gives them orders. The following levels are: Elite Henchman and Lieutenant Henchman. Both have a more important role than the previous ones, even having under their command. They have more power and execute missions more efficiently. Finally there are: Villains (antagonists of the characters), Leader of Evil (Villain who could soon manage to complete his great evil plan) and Lord of Evil (very powerful villain who has already completed his plan and emerged victorious). There is an additional variant to the latter, called Supreme Lord of Evil, which represents evil personified, implacable and above any character.

- Description: Here an example of the character's life is shown, with some information about his childhood and ideals. In addition, it is added what pisses him off (Enrage), a famous phrase (which are annotations that the villain has in mind and help to inspire his background) and what methods of persuasion he prefers to use.

- Strengths and Weaknesses: These depend on the life the character has had. The more victories, the more powerful he will be and the more influence he will have. Also shown are his weaknesses (if any) and some points of interest such as his dungeon guards, pets or army. The abilities will depend on the type of villain class we have chosen.

- Agenda: This is one of the most interesting points of the module. It describes the villain's biography, in the absence of the main story and what the player characters do or don't do. Therefore, this biography determines the past (or present/future) of the villain. It is a very useful tool to bring the world to life, since these villains have a role that, perhaps, has nothing to do a priori with the players. This field also helps to give better immersion and a more complete experience, allowing players to hear stories or cross paths with these villains unwittingly, thwarting their plans and being the enemies of the villain without knowing it.


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