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Module description

This is the Religions and Gods Generator module, designed to provide everything you need in your RPG games. On the one hand, a religious place will be randomly generated, either shrines, monasteries, stupas, churches, cathedrals and others. These religions are very important to give life to the fantasy world. Religions are part of the cultural system of the population and determine the behaviors of the population. From sacred texts, prophecies, ethics and customs to the supernatural beings and divinities they worship. 

Whether pre-game or to aid the improvisation of the Game Master, this random online generator enhances the narrative, adding details that give meaning to the lives of the NPCs (Non-Player Characters) that inhabit the fantasy world. There are many religions and each one has its own particularities and gods to worship. In addition, these places of worship also have influential people in high society, such as high priests, inquisitors or generals of capable religious orders with a lot of power.

Part of the database used for this module is intellectual property of Ben (Orkish Blade). We thank him for his express authorization for this project. If you want to know all the credits of this post with the thanks for his authorizations and inspirational content click Here.

How does this module work?

Just click on the "Generate" button and all the most important details will be displayed. The first thing is the name of the religious place with its alignment (which will determine the ethics and morals of its residents). It will also generate their description and even which god they worship and venerate.

It is important to emphasize that a god is not always worshipped. Sometimes these divinities are not the recipients of the prayers, being other powerful supernatural beings such as Avatars, Titans, Angels or Demons. It is even possible that the rituals are for an ancient god of which little is known and transcends the beginnings of the world.

In addition to showing which are the local residents of the religious settlement, an optional event is provided (which may or may not occur when players visit the location) and several characters with more detailed descriptions. Their behaviors will vary depending on the alignment of the religion.


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