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Module description

This is the Family Tree Generator for medieval fantasy based role-playing games. This module offers an image with characters belonging to a family, branching out to create a complete structure of several generations. With this tool you will be able to improvise the names of family members along with their trades and descendants. A family tree is a diagram that represents the family relationships between individuals. In a family tree, people are placed in vertical or horizontal positions according to their relationship.

- Ascendants: These are a person's parents and grandparents.
- Descendants: They are the children, grandchildren and other descendants of a person.
- Horizontal: Siblings, cousins and other relatives of the same generation.

In a family tree, the person in question is placed in the central part and his ascendants are placed in the upper positions, while his descendants occupy the lower positions. Relatives of the same generation are placed in a horizontal line with the person in question.

How does this module work?

Just click on "Generate" and an image of the family tree will be displayed.


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