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This is the Combat Simulator for role-playing games such as D&D (Dungeons & Dragons), Pathfinder and any other game system set in epic medieval fantasy. This tool provides an exciting combat for the players, where the Game Master will only have to interpret the enemy's wishes and execute them according to the game system. These enemies have an Artificial Intelligence component that, according to the actions of the players, will develop some strategies or others. 

The combat difficulty level is governed by the enemy's base characteristics. These, in Dungeons & Dragons, are defined by the challenge value (DV) of the monster. However, in other games, the Game Master will have to interpret the attacks or have the monster's profile prepared beforehand to improvise. This simulator is an aid to encounters, allowing solo players to face enemies in a more exciting way. If you want to know which monsters are equivalent in DV to the players in your game, you can use our Encounter Calculator.

This module is neither a character creation assistant nor a virtual tabletop software. It is a text combat simulator that helps to improvise if you are playing in "Autorol" mode or if the Game Master wants to cooperate with his players against the enemy, being able to choose a character from these and fight while the simulator plays the villains. If you want to know more about the Artificial Intelligence used to make this Combat Bot for D&D and other role playing games, you will soon be able to read in our blog the logical parameters used. This module does not use rolled dice, nor does it simulate dice rolls. For that you can use the module "Dice Calculator".  This tool is very useful for those players who play solo games, being a great way to implement more dynamic combats. The best combat Simulator for solo Players.

This is the BETA 1.0 version of the simulator, so the actions prioritized by the bot may undergo changes in the future with new updates to better adapt to combat conditions. Assessing the situation and executing the correct action are the most complicated parameters and will be improved. This Simulator does not give combat coordinates, movement speed, nor does it take into account cover. If the villain decides to attack a player behind cover, he will have a penalty in the attack that must be applied.

This module provides a way to turn every combat into a cooperative adventure, as the Game Master will be able to adopt the position of an ally of the players and face together with them the enemies controlled by this simulator. The interface tries to be as simple as possible to manage complex battles on a larger scale. Part of the content belongs to OGL Open Game License. This content is not official D&D, but an approximation for Game Masters based on D20 system. This is not an official generator, just one inspired and compatible with this universe. 

How does this module work?

The first thing you will have to do is to set up the Players that will participate in the combat. If they are accompanied by allies or pets, they must appear as a total count added in their corresponding field. It is important to put the Player's Name and initial Life in order, so that the simulator works correctly. Then the Villain will be configured. This can be of different types. Over time new ones will be added to complement the module with more enemies. Each "type" of villain has a different strategy and ability for combat. The number of minions in the combat are the initial ones that the villain has. Finally, the Challenge Rating is a specific field for playing D&D, so if you are going to use the module for another game system, you will have to leave it in "Generic Narrative".

Once all these data have been entered, click "Add". The stats will be displayed in the field below, as well as some details of the event (for example, if in combat the villain is a Druid, it gives some forms that he will be able to take if he decides to transform into a beast to fight). This is turn 0 and it is the moment before the combat.

Before clicking "Start", the Game Master has to roll initiatives. Either using a pen and paper or the "Initiative Tracking" module. If the villain is the one who goes first, then press Start. Otherwise, resolve first what the characters ahead will do, since pressing "Start" will automatically start the villain's action.

After starting the combat, the current turn (Turn 1) and a Main Action and an Alternate Action of the villain will appear. These are actions that the Game Master can choose according to what best suits the current situation. If these actions cause damage to the players, change their status or lock them, you will have to write it down so that the Combat Simulator knows that they have succeeded. 

If a player receives a temporary bonus, activates a powerful item or receives an ability that improves it, he adds one point to "Enhancers" for each benefit he has received (Buff and Debuff). On the contrary, for each temporary weakening or penalty he receives, he subtracts one from this value, and can even become negative. This helps the combat simulator to know in what state of power your opponents are in with respect to the initial state.

Finally, in the players' turns, if they cause a state on the Villain, you will have to point it out so that the enemy can react to it. 

Important Notes:

- If a character unlocks from the villain, it is important that you remember to remove the corresponding square. Otherwise, the combat simulator will interpret that player as still being in close combat with the villain.

- If a state changes, remember to update it. If there are several statuses on the same target, put the most important one and write down the rest of the statuses as "Penalties" subtracting a 1 to this field (it can be negative).

- There are skills that may skip mechanics of the game system you are using. Try to adapt these actions, improvise or take inspiration from them to develop them. Remember that this is only a generic help tool.

- The combats of these enemies are powerful, equivalent to an adventure boss or an elite minion. Therefore, remember to adapt well the enemy's base characteristics (or Challenge Value) so that players have an interesting combat, not an impossible one.



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